Date posted: 02/09/2022

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Interior trends defining the rest of the year

September brings the start of a new season and while we aren’t quite ready yet to pack away our summer things, it is just starting to feel a little bit autumnal. So in order to get cosy at home what are the new trends in interiors going to be for Autumn/ Winter? We turned to a House Beautiful article and this is what they said:

  • The 70’s Revival

The laidback styling, natural materials, and earthy tones of 70s interior design have found new life in 2022. ’70s interior design is making a big comeback,’ says Matilda Martin, trend specialist at Lick. ‘This decor style is relaxed and fun, evocative of the free-spiritedness and optimism of the 70s era.

In terms of colour, the 70s trend is rich and earthy. ‘Warmth emanates from a 70s-inspired home, largely through its colour scheme. People are adding that 70s groove and energy into their homes by incorporating earthy browns, terracotta reds and oranges (think Lick’s Red 03 or Orange 02 on your walls) and opting for low lighting in the form of the iconic mushroom lamp,’ Matilda adds.

  • Bare essentials

Those averse to bright colours and busyness in the home will find themselves with a lot more choice in 2022, with the proliferation of warm neutrals and simple accent pieces designed to stand in isolation.

‘It’s worth exploring neutral interiors to create a relaxing zone to welcome autumn,’ says Vicki Foster, interior stylist at ScS. ‘By keeping your colour palette limited you can create a cohesive, interesting space that helps you feel cocooned and centred. Stick to light browns that will be bright during the day but warm in the evening, and distribute this across the entire room.

  • Open shelving

Clever storage solutions will never lose favour in a kitchen, but open shelving is increasingly used as a design device to introduce a touch of informality to an otherwise functional space.

‘For those with traditional or farmhouse kitchens, peek-a-boo pantries and simple details such as open shelving can really elevate the rustic feel of your space whilst providing practical solutions for storage,’ says Lizzie Beesley, Head of Design at Magnet. ‘From baskets and jars to antique dishes and glasses, use these exposed features to add your own unique personality to your home.’

  • Creative tiling

Tiles have long been used to introduce colour and pattern to areas of the home that are high traffic, but uses are expanding in 2022, as we see tiles adorning headboards and feature walls, and with creative motifs and laying patterns.

‘Tiles are beautiful pieces of art on their own and have the power to utterly transform a room,’ says Adrian Blundell, Production Director at Craven Dunnill Jackfield. ‘If you’re looking to experiment with bold colours and decors and inspired layouts and patterns, tiles are the perfect way to make a distinctive design statement that is uniquely individual.’

Modified article taken in part from an article from:

House Beautiful  by Rachel Edwards  

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