Choose the right agent


Choose the right agent

We believe the relationship between an agent and their vendor should be that of a partnership. Our role is to do the best we can for you, our partner, when asked to manage the process of selling your most valuable asset. Bailey & Co. will always endeavor to complete all moves in the shortest possible time whilst ensuring you get the best value possible.


Unlike other estate agents, at Bailey & Co. you’ll never be treated as a set of data to input into our systems; we’ll work holistically to ensure we get to the heart of what’s important to you, and we’ll treat potential buyers in exactly the same way.

Finding potential buyers for your property shouldn’t simply be about comparing your property’s features with a generic set of buyer requirements and looking for matches. At Bailey & Co. we’ll work hard to get to the essence of what our clients want, and we’ll use our expertise to open them up to possibilities they may not have considered yet.


We take immense pride in our role and are accountable for our actions. We like to maintain the highest professional standards by conforming to the guidelines of the industry’s leading organisations. It’s a clear sign you are dealing with a thoroughly reputable and respected agent.


Bailey & Co. operates from fully-refurbished premises in a prime Jesmond location. The Bailey & Co. website is a client focused, design orientated online portfolio helping to attract the right buyers and sellers, as well as those involved in the rental market. We work with regional and national press and publications to maximise your opportunities.


Your partners at Bailey & Co. understand the importance of clarity, personal service and attention to detail. Our commitment to best value will ensure that you are completely satisfied with both the process and the result. The Bailey and Co. Knowledge Base enables us to draw on our local expertise and work with the best local suppliers.

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