Date posted: 22/04/2024

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Sales Up, Listings Up, Prices Up

Introducer today report that “Sales Up, Listings Up, Prices Up” and pro-port it to be a great start to 2024 housing market. This is what they had to say:

The number of new sellers coming to the market is up by 12% compared to this time a year ago, and the number of sales being agreed is up by 13%. The biggest growth in activity is taking place in the largest homes, top-of-the-ladder sector, with the number of new sellers up by 18% compared with last year, and the number of sales being agreed up by 20%.

Home-owners are springing into action, with Thursday 28th March seeing the highest number of new sellers coming to the market in one day so far in 2024, and the third largest since August 2020.

This upbeat appraisal and all these stats come from Rightmove, which says the average asking price of property coming to the market has risen by 1.1% (+£4,207) this month to £372,324, just £570 short of the record in May 2023, while the annual rate of price growth is now +1.7%, the highest level for 12 months.

A key factor behind this growth towards a near-record average price is the largest homes, top-of-the-ladder sector, which is seeing its strongest start to the year for price growth since 2014.

However, the website insists the the market remains price-sensitive, and operating at different speeds, with prices and activity rising more slowly in the more mortgage dependent first-time buyer and second-stepper sectors.

“The top-of-the-ladder sector continues to drive pricing activity at the start of the year, with movers in this sector typically less sensitive to higher mortgage rates, and more equity rich, contributing to their ability to move” says Riughtmove’s market guru, Tim Bannister.

“However, agents report that the market remains very price-sensitive, and despite the current optimism, these are not the conditions to support substantial price growth. Sellers who are keen to secure their sale will still need to price realistically for their local market and avoid being overambitious at the start of marketing to give themselves the best chance of finding a buyer.”

By contrast, activity is rising more slowly in the mass-market, more mortgage-dependent first-time buyer and second-stepper sectors, which makes up the majority of the market.

The number of new sellers in both sectors is up by 10%, while the number of sales agreed is up by a more modest 9% and 13% respectively compared with last year. Mortgage rates are remaining high for longer than some expected at the start of this year, which is likely having a greater impact on movers in these sectors.

Overall, the number of sales being agreed is now level with 2019 despite buyer conditions being much more challenging, with the average five-year mortgage rate now at 4.84%, compared with 2.45% in April 2019, while average property prices are 22% higher. However, affordability has been assisted by average wage growth of 27% over this time-period, slightly ahead of house price growth.


Modified article taken in part from an article from:   Introducer Today

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Important Information
All property sales and the financial advice that surrounds them are as unique as the people engaging in the transaction. It is important to not decide without seeking professional advice. If you want to sell your home and are considering redecorating before marketing, speak to one of our Property Professionals to get the best advice for presenting your home for sale before making any investment. This article is for the purpose of information only and should not be seen as financial advice.




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