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Property Turn Offs According to Renters

Saturday, February 17, 2018

The rental market in the UK is booming and now accounts for 20% of all households. The market is massive and highly competitive, but renters can still be put off from signing a tenancy. Home furnishing retailer, Terry's Fabrics, has carried out research into the biggest interior design and property pet peeves for renters.

This one is pretty obvious, but almost half of renters are put off by a dirty house when viewing a potential property. According to the survey, an old fashioned kitchen can be just as off-putting, and brightly coloured walls and carpets are not seen as appealing either.

5 top interior design put-offs for renters
1. An old fashioned kitchen (48 per cent)
2. An old fashioned bathroom (47 per cent)
3. An old fashioned bedroom (28 per cent)
4. Brightly coloured walls (27 per cent)
5. Bright or patterned carpets (26 per cent)

If you're renting out your property, then the ideal solution is to have a modern, well-designed kitchen and bathroom. But if this is out of your budget, you can always make a few minor upgrades to spruce up the space, such as choosing a modern colour scheme and installing some funky new accessories.

5 top things that put potential tenants off a property

1. The house being dirty (49 per cent)
2. Bad smells (46 per cent)
3. Damp (43 per cent)
4. Unkempt garden (37 per cent)
5. Property was badly decorated (35 per cent)

'It is clear that the look and feel of a property can have a big effect on how prospective renters feel,' said Paul McGuiness, owner of Terry's Fabrics. 'Rather than investing in a brand new kitchen or bathroom suite, a quick update of the property's decor could make all of the difference. Adding more accessories, such as soft furnishings and blinds, or adding a lick of paint, might be the difference between securing a tenant or not.'

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